Service and story of Itawi Studio

About Itawi

“The weekend crafter is someone that uses crafting as a means of relaxing and wants to practice their skills to make something beautiful and functional - but never seems to have as much time as they would like for doing so.”


Itaiwi is a craft room dedicated to serving the weekend crafter.  We design sewing, knitting, and crochet patterns especially for the weekend crafter and offer a modern-day cutting service that sources and prepares materials and supplies to accompany the patterns.  Our patterns are called Creative Notes because they are not like your typical pattern, they are creative recipes engineered for the IQ and EQ of a weekend crafter.

The patterns are quick to read and print, point out the need-to-know, give you tips for achieving a professional finish and are designed to showcase beautiful materials.  Each pattern has a particular focus, whether it be a special seam finish, a zip placement, or a specific knitting cast-on technique, letting you build your repertoire of crafting techniques at a sustainable "weekend" pace.


Meet Teena Bonizzi – founder of Itawi – “When making gifts for people, I always had trouble sourcing the perfect pattern or finding material that was exactly right. I thought there must be other ambitious but impatient crafters out there like me. I wanted patterns that were quick to follow with classic detailing and materials as unique as my friends. I wasn’t a full-time crafter so it took a lot of trial and error and unnecessary purchases to source the supplies that gave me the finish I wanted. ’’

Teena is originally from New Zealand and now living in the Netherlands.  During the week she works as a statistician and you can see the influence of geometric patterns, clean lines and fine details in her work.  In the ready-made section you will find the small collections she makes by hand which are often inspired by colours of nature and places traveled.


Our name is a word that was made up by a good friend. She used the word Itawi (ee-tah-wee) to describe our son “he is Itawi - half Italian and half kiwi” and we thought that it also describes our studio well in that we try to combine a bit of Italian design with Kiwi practicality.


We go to great lengths to discover different textile options that complement our patterns and that we think are a joy to work with. We test and re-test the performance of the materials to evaluate suitability and pick only shades of colours that are on trend and fit our style and simplicity criteria. By using the cutting service you know that you are putting your best foot forward, you will not need to worry if this is the right weight fabric for the pattern or if you have cut the edges accurately enough.

We also offer haberdashery that complements our patterns and try to always have samples in stock - because we know how annoying it is to have to search around the internet to find a specific type of needle or thread colour. The haberdashery extension option is a great way for the weekend crafter to try different tools without over investing.

We like to know the stories, people and production service behind the supplies we use and spend most of our day researching, discovering and trying new materials. We want to support and promote all creative endeavours so please get in touch if you think we can help you or would like to work on a project together.

Our remit is wide covering most handcrafts but all our products carry the same principles: quality, style and simplicity.  Today we want to focus on great patterns and small batches of curated materials but our ideas are many. Visit us regularly to see the evolution of our service.