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Creative Notes

Our creative notes are not long detailed step-by-step patterns, instead they are recipes for creative endeavours. They cover the need-to-know steps and sprinkle tips for achieving a great finish overtop. Best of all they are not tedious to read or print.

While using the Creative Notes you will build up your repertoire of crafting techniques. Each pattern has a particular focus, whether it be a special seam finish, a zip placement, or a specific knitting cast-on technique.

We cater for the weekend crafter – the crafter that doesn’t want to take on too many new techniques in one project, wants be able to personalize the pattern if need be and yet still finish a gift-worthy product in a couple of days.

“Patterns that are designed for the IQ and EQ of the modern crafter”

The Creative Notes are available for download here or come packaged with materials ready for you to start crafting straight away here.