Needles by Cohona

    Made by Meboso, a Japanese needle maker with a history of more than 430 year, these needles will slide smoothly through your fabric.


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    Seamstresses from the Kanazawa, a region in Japan noted for its traditional handicrafts cherished their Meboso needles so much they would place then in a container and hang it from their necks, so that they wouldn’t get lost.  This story has inspired the packing of these needles, which come in a paper tube container created by Aichi Shikan Seizosho and a tassel made from Kanagawa’s silk and gold threads.  Like the tulip needles these would make a beautiful gift for a fellow crafter.

    There are two types: Gold – for thin to normal fabric and Silver for thicker fabric like denim or heavy twill cottons.





    Gold comes with 8 needles, 2 each of the following sizes: 0.5 x 39.5 mm, 0.7 x 36 mm, 0.5 x 36 mm, 0.5 x 33 mm

    Silver comes with 8 needles, 2 of 31.8 x 0.71mm, 3 of 30.3 x 0.71mm, 3 of 28.8 x 0.64mm