The Story Behind Itawi

Even after working behind the scenes for over a year on Itawi and a launch quickly approaching I still find it hard to describe Itawi.  There is the description on the about page – in essence this is a place to find patterns and matching materials that are suited for the crafter who is short on time and likes things well designed.  But there is also the more narrative version of what Itawi is about which I’ve tried to capture here 

Weekend Crafter – Many of us work all week or have families to look after which means we don’t have our days free to meander through craft shops as we would like.  I dream of a time when I can spend all my day crafting but for now I can’t.  My Pinterest account is over-flowing with inspiration and textiles I would like to try but being time-poor means I need to focus myself.  Itawi is about helping the time-poor crafter who likes good design to focus.  You won’t find an exhaustive colour palate here – just the shades that are on trend and fit our style and simplicity criteria.  We created our own patterns, we call them Creative Notes because they are not like your typical pattern, they are classic patterns human engineered for the weekend crafter.  Re-designed in a new format giving you creative freedom to work it out with some guidance and tips for achieving a professional finish when needed.

All Round Crafter – I like most creative endeavors from knitting and sewing through to photography and dying fabric and still live in hope that I can convince my husband that we need a kiln in the back yard.  I think this is what a weekend crafter often looks like – someone that appreciates most crafts, will happily switch crafts depending on their mood or season and likes the idea of extending and cross-pollinating their creative activities.  This is why you will see that Itawi experiments with most craft disciplines but for practical purposes sticks to patterns and materials related to textiles for now.

Particular Crafter – My craft room is full of online purchases that have gone wrong, zips in completely wrong shades, ribbon that was too narrow for the project and a whole box of cotton yarn that splits too much when you knit with it.  Then there are other purchases that I wonder why I did not know about them sooner.  Who knew that a plastic turning stick would be the best invention ever, or that using tracing paper when sewing with Liberty Tana Lawn cotton is a life saver.  This is probably the main reason Itawi was born, I thought there must be a better way of experimenting with different materials without wasting too much time and money.  Itawi does this by helping you make the perfect combination –  patterns matched with supplies that coordinate and are a pleasure to work with.  We have also put together curated sample packs that let you try different materials and tools without having to over invest.

Conscious Crafter – Most of the shopping I do these days is presents for friends and family.  The things I buy are not complicated, perhaps a cute tote bag with their favourite bottle of wine in it or a velvet cushion in a similar colour to their couch to take as a house warming present.  After a while I started making things for friends and then I moved on to wanting to know more about the materials I was using and where they came from.  I am familiar with some great designers from Oceania and America but I don’t really know many European ones.  I really hope Itawi will be a platform for showcasing the creativeness around us – with a truly global focus.  I want to discover, use and promote things like hand printed textiles, bespoke accessories, hand dyed yarns, new techniques, indie designers…anything that when it is sold will actually help someone make a creative living.

“Itawi is about trying to help crafters exploit those brief periods of time that we have for ourselves.” 

So describing Itawi is hard for me, because it is lots of things – which is not a recipe for success – most business books will tell you to focus.  All I know is that finding the right material for the right project is like winning the lottery for me and that creating something worthy of gifting is very satisfying.   Over time I am sure Itawi will focus and change, I hope it will change into something that serves exactly what you – the time poor but ambitious crafter wants – so keep me honest and tell me what you need.

Thanks for visiting and taking the time to get to know us a little better.


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